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Today's headlines include Blockbuster will in every down by the end of the decade and Altavista will put a new startup named Google out of buisness shortly..

Are they right? We'll find out soon!

Come back soon to learn more about our seminars covering Can I Fry That?, Nicholas Cage: Bad or Good? and by popular demand: Theoretical Phys Ed.

All courses require a home computer, access to the information supperhighway, and a 14.4K modem. Please contact us for more information!
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Leader but most importantly the person who gives us money Reagan Curtis Reagan.Curtis
Director of something somewhere Malayna Bernstein Malayna.Bernstein
What kind of name is that? Abhik Roy Abhik.Roy
Halftime here with a full time attitude Nikki Lewis nikki.lewis@
Graduate student most likely to bring DDR David Loomis dlloomis
Graduate student with an electric fence Taylor Mikalik tmikalik

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